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Soa Plumbing
Address:123 Main Street
Costa Mesa, CA  92626.
United States

Experian BIN:

Contact:Michael Ray
Specialty:Plumbing Cleaning
Years in Business:9
Total Employees:10 - 25
Entity:Sole Proprietorship

Soa Plumbing also is (or has been) operating at:
Mike's Pipes: 123 Main Street,Costa Mesa,CA 92626  (714-555-1829)
Cics Soa Plumbing: 82 Rittenhouse Ave.,Costa Mesa,CA 92626  (714-555-3122)

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Soa Plumbing

State License numberDate IssuedStatus
CAChecks out12312312301-01-2007Active
NVChecks out12345654205-01-2005Inactive

Bonding information
Bond number AmountBonding companyEffective date
123Checks out$50,000Aaa Bonds By Barry01-01-2007
1234Checks out$1,000Harry's Contractor Bonds02-01-2007
12345Checks out$2,000Mutual Indemnity Bonding Of Nevada04-01-2007

Insurance information
Policy number InsurerInsurance typeEffective / Expires dates
123456Checks outFarmers InsuranceLiability Insurance01-01-2007 / 12-31-2008
987654321Checks outErie InsuranceIndemnity Insurance04-01-2007 / 07-31-2008

No problems foundChecks outRecords show no bankruptcies for this business

No problems foundChecks outRecords show no liens against this business

No problems foundChecks outRecords show no legal judgments against this business

Credit review
No problems foundChecks outRecords show no accounts currently in collection
No problems foundChecks outRecords show a history of no late payments

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